Reveille will create a vibrant mixed-use community, while strengthening the economy of Hall County and bringing community-wide benefits for years to come.  These community benefits include:


  • Boosts commerce for local merchants with a new customer base to attract
  • Promotes foot traffic


  • Hundreds of construction jobs created over the build out period phased over 6-8 years
  • Hundreds permanent jobs in the office, retail, hospitality and housing sectors

Tax Revenue

  • Hundreds of millions of dollars per year generated in tax revenue for Hall County
  • Additional revenue supports local schools, infrastructure and services

Traffic Improvements

  • Revised zoning proposed creates approximately 10% LESS traffic (net trips) than River Walk plan
  • Revised proposal requires no additional infrastructure than what was proposed in the approved zoning

Better Alternative

  • Smaller project overall than the River Walk plan that was previously approved

Housing Variety

  • Quality living options to meet the needs of any lifestyle, from young professional to empty nester

Open Space

  • Sets aside 153 acres (30% of the site) as open/green space for outdoor recreation.
  • Creates pedestrian walking trails, sidewalks & access to lake, streams and other natural features on-site with Mulberry River to the south.
  • 50-acre community lake & multiple Great Lawn environments

Positive Impact on Schools

  • The revenue will more than offset the projected cost of children that will be added to the schools